God-Inspired Dreams Become Reality

There have been a few moments in life so drenched by God that I’ll remember them for the rest of my life.

One of those moments happened on Wednesday, December 18 at the Festival of Festiveness, the Eagle Brook Church Student Ministries Christmas Party.

It was more than the 18 buses full of students coming from other campuses…although it was part of it.

It was more than the 5 real-bearded Santas full of Christmas cheer…although that contributed.

It was more than the 1300 pounds of food donated for Hope in Hunger weekend packs, to benefit students who don’t get enough to eat in our school system…although that was certainly inspiring.

It was more than the Christmas DJ, the decorations, the fun opening video (see below), the Christmas carols mash-up, the giveaways, stage game, and more….although this all funneled to the moment.

It was the worship. 1800 students. Singing. Worshiping. Giving glory to the King Jesus, the reason to worship and celebrate on Christmas.

All of it started with a vision from God of what could be, fueled by a dedicated team of student ministries pastors and EBC staff members, led by hundreds of praying, supporting, and promoting volunteer leaders, and ultimately became a reality because of the work of the One, Jesus.

EBCFest Festival of Festiveness Auditorium Worship at EBCFest Pageant Pics from EBCFest