The Dreams for This Season

Every so often, I reassess my goals/resolutions/dreams, and as I moved into 2014, I have been fortunate enough to be working through Storyline 2.0 by Donald Miller, which has helped me clarify these dreams.

I’m a major fan of dreams (call them resolutions/goals/or whatever, but I tend to use dreams). When dreams die, we start to die.

Tweet: We need to consistently be breathing oxygen into dreams so that we'll feel more alive. @johnalex5We need to consistently be breathing oxygen into dreams so that we’ll feel more alive.

I wrote more about dreams here.

One of my friends told me there is research we get as big of a rush as telling people about our dreams as we do actually accomplishing them and so we should avoid telling people our dreams. Well, I’m still going to write about them. Why? Because as you’ll see in my writer dream, the right words at the right time have been a catalyst in my own life, and it is my prayer that some of these dreams will inspire your life.

Dream of Being a Husband: I want to be Emily’s biggest fan and champion in her life. I want her to know she is my top priority and I want her to feel loved and supported by me as she becomes all that God created her to be.

Dream of Being a Father: I want to make family my top priority, and I want my kids (just one for now) to know that. I want to give my best energy to my kids and create a family experience that is safe, fun, Jesus-centered, and lives a great story.

Dream of Being a Leader: I want to lead others to achieve a compelling vision together. I want to be a leader who moves people from here to there, helps them become all they were created to be, and who loves people more than the vision itself.

Dream of Being a Christian: I want to people to see Jesus when they see me. I want to make Jesus the Lord over all areas of my life and I want to continually grow in Christ-like character (love, peace, patience, joy, kindness, gentleness, and self-control!).

Dream of Being a Writer: I want to inspire, challenge, and motivate people through my writing to be more of who God created them to be. I want to put the right words at the right time in the right people’s hands to be a catalyst for change.

Let me assure you, in this life, I will never fully achieve completeness in any of these. But I’ve been inspired by so many other people in my life who’ve shown me how to strive for dreams like these.

So, for this season, I’m going to focus on creating opportunities to push closer towards these dreams. Over the next few months, I’m going to write about the ways I’m pursuing each of these.

What’s a dream that God is putting on your heart, mind, and soul? 

The Death of Dreams

“Deeper than our instinct to live is our longing to be alive.” Erwin McManus, Uprising

At what point do our dreams start to fade? What age do we start to feel embarrassed by our dreams?

From as young as I can remember, I was taught to dream.
As a middle schooler, I can remember sitting outside of Candy Cane Inn at Disneyland and having a conversation with my older brother, Ryan. And I remember Ryan asking me to dream, to name it, and then he challenged me to write out the steps it would take to reach the dream. My dream? To be a professional baseball player.

I have an earlier memory, however, of being in a third grade class and being asked to by a DARE police officer what our dream was for life.

When I told him I wanted to be a professional baseball player, he laughed and proceeded to tell me only the tiniest of percentages of people become professional baseball players, and it might be wise to dream of something different.

Why do some people fan the inspiration behind dreams and why do some people feel the need to squash them?

Because dreams are dangerous.

I’ve noticed that the older I get, the harder it is to dream.

Reality sets in.
Failures have made their mark.
Bills to pay, mouths to feed.
We listen to the voices of cynicism and mockery over the voices of encouragement and challenge.

In other words, I’ve learned along with many others that dreams are dangerous. And they become more dangerous the older we get.

But I don’t want age to have the final say.

No. See, I want to live. Truly live. And I’ve noticed that the more I dream, the more alive I feel. While it’s difficult to dream in the face of death – the voices of cynicism, mockery, and doubt — dreams are necessary to live. In fact, I’m starting to learn it’s more dangerous to NOT dream.

Tweet: While it's difficult to dream in the face of death - the voices of cynicism, mockery, and doubt - dreams are necessary to live. @johnalex5

While it’s difficult to dream in the face of death – the voices of cynicism, mockery, and doubt — dreams are necessary to live.

“The most dangerous person in the world is a person who does not understand how powerful God made them to be.” – Donald Miller

Dreams require faith, and faith is required in the midst of the impossible. And when we need the impossible, that’s when we need God and the power he has given us to most desperately show up. Dreams force us to intersect with God. And God makes us feel alive.

No matter the mockery, the doubt, the embarrassment or the potential for failure, I will dream.

What dreams do you need to resuscitate?