Can you win in ministry? (Part 3)

Can you win in ministry?

Well, yes, but only if you define what it means to win. And yes, only if you understand that “winning” doesn’t necessarily mean achieving the stated goals. In my mind, winning is about striving after (not achieving) the God-given goals and objectives for your ministry. Achieving becomes more of a me-focused approached to ministry; striving is more about the ways we work diligently towards the goals God has control over accomplishing or not.

With that being said, if you missed part 1 or part 2 of this series, check it out.

In this post, I promised I would lay out some of the ways we help our volunteers define what it means to win on any given program night.

We firmly believe and have heard from several volunteers that sometimes they feel like they aren’t making a difference or actually doing anything. They feel like they spin in circles sometimes with no traction. While we assure them this is typically what it feels like to be in student ministry, we also want to make sure we don’t use this as an excuse to not give them a win to strive after.

So, led by our amazing student ministries staff team, we developed several win statements for each volunteer position. In other words, no matter what role a volunteer serves in, they can look at this win and ask themselves: Did they do this one sentence win each night? If they answer yes, they can feel “successful.” If they can’t answer yes, then we want them to re-evaluate what they were doing and why they were doing it.

Here are a few examples of volunteer win statements:

Small Group Leader: Connects relationally with a small group of students to create an environment of spiritual growth through the pursuit of the 5 Essentials.

Check-In Leader: Create an amazing student experience by engaging with students through the check in process so they feel welcome and known.

Security Team Member: Create a safe and welcoming environment by helping students get involved with the activities and ensuring there are no major distractions.

Set up/Take Down Team Member: Create a unique and engaging environment for students by setting up and taking down key elements within the building.

These are just a few examples of ways we try to encourage volunteers to self-assess each night and feel like they are winning.

Can you win in ministry? Maybe the more important question is: Have you defined what a win is and have you given people a way to win on a daily and nightly basis within your ministries?