Fear and dreams, Heroes and Monsters

Josh Riebock, in Heroes and Monsters, writes: “Fear calls everyone a friend, Josh. But dreams, well, fear cozies up to them most. When you try to do the things that really matter to you – love, family, all of your dreams – you invite fear to come further in. Dreaming dumps blood in the water. Dreaming attracts fear. Dreams are the mothers of fear.”

13537955And I’ve been sitting with this one for a while. Not because this writing is profound and poetic, but because of how insanely true it is.

We all possess dreams – dreams to make a difference in people’s lives, to be an incredible spouse and parent, to live a fabulous marriage and relationship, and to live out who we were meant to be.

But here’s what I’ve found: The further I push into these dreams, the more fears push into me. Fear drives out my dreams. Fear keeps me from pushing forward. Fear prevents me from boldly telling other people of my dreams.

Fear of what? Fear of failing. Fear of being embarrassed. Fear of not having what it takes. Fear of other people’s doubts and cynicism.

What do we do then?

I’m not sure I totally have this figured out (okay, I’m definitely sure I’m not sure), but I’ve discovered a few things that prevent fear from becoming paralyzing.

1. Dreaming is better than not.

I know this sounds so simple, but it’s true. At the end of life, would you rather be a dreamer or someone who failed to dream because of fear? If we keep the “end in mind” and remember who we want to become, this is motivating enough sometimes. But it’s important to keep this in front of us as fear creeps in.

2. Keep moving forward.

A lot of us love to just dream. And plan. And re-dream. Re-plan. But we never do anything about it. Dreaming isn’t just a passive activity; dreaming is an active choice. It involves things that develop in your heart and soul and mind, sure; but it definitely involves moving and acting.

Sometimes the best way to overcome fear is to not think about it, and just do something. Do something that will move you closer to your dreams, and you’ll find you won’t have time to fear.

3. Ignore the cynicism.

And last, perhaps most importantly, is that not only will fear increase as dreams increase, but so will cynicism. I know this sounds so cruel, but I find time and time again to be true. People love to lob doubts, cynical comments, or off-hand mockery towards your dreams. Usually, it comes from a place of insecurity in them, but either way, ignore it! Who cares about the opinions of someone sitting in the stands?

“Dreams are the mothers of fear,” but as we move towards our dreams, let’s remember that dreaming is better than not, keep moving forward, and ignore the cynicism.

By the way, I love Heroes and Monsters.