Vampires, Psy, and the NFL



I love the turn of the year.

No, I don’t love New Year’s Eve. There is always too much pressure to make it something special.

But I do love fresh starts, new beginnings, a chance to reflect on what was and what will be.

If this year is marked by anything, it’s the influence Psy (seen above) has had on my life. With over 1.1 BILLION youtube views, Psy and his Gangnam Style has revolutionized my world.


But have you ever watched the video? Or listened to the song? It’s complete nonsense. And yet it’s been watched 1.1 BILLION times.

I was at the Seattle Seahawks game on December 30th watching them handle the St. Louis Rams. And I was struck by how absurd we are as a culture. Now, hold on a second. I know you’ve probably heard this version of “what would aliens think if they came to earth and saw our culture” type of thing before. So just hang with me.

But seriously, have you ever been to an NFL game? People like this…

Seattle_Seahawks_FansPeople go this crazy. For NFL games.

To be clear, I’m not saying this is wrong, bad, or something we should stop doing. But aren’t we just a bit crazy?

At the end of my life, I want to be able to reflect on life well lived. And the definition on what it means to live a well-lived life varies from person to person. But I do know at the turn of a new year while reflecting on a year past and dreaming of a year ahead, I don’t want my life to be defined by Psy, rabid NFL fanaticism, or vampires (or was this the year of vampires? or was that last year?).

In 2013, I want my year to be defined by:

1. Being present in every moment.
2. Allowing myself to experience and feel.
3. Being the best husband in the world.
4. Becoming the best father in the world.
5. Letting my life be resourced, renewed, and directed by Jesus at every turn.
6. Making relationships with friends and family central.
7. Generosity of life with others.

With these 7 things as my foundation, then I can go enjoy me some Psy, NFL, and vampires (maybe minus the vampires – although I’ve never given them a shot).

What are your “turn of the year” reflections?


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