Love Does by Bob Goff



Much has been said and written of Love Does by Bob Goff recently. Why? Because it is fun, well-written, inspiring, and in his words, “full of whimsy.”

This is the story of Bob Goff and his life of being an adventurous, radical disciple of Jesus Christ. It is inspiring because this is the life we want to have and the life we believed Jesus meant when he said: “I have come so that they may have life, and have life to the full.” As followers of Christ, there comes a time when we lose interest in the rote routine pursuit of more bland church attendance, bible study, and prayer. There is not anything wrong with those at all; in fact, they are essentials of discipleship. But there comes a point when we just want more life. And Goff shows us the way through his relationship with Christ.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Read and be inspired by the stories of adventure, whimsy, life, and love. Jesus didn’t come to bring us dull; he came to bring us life, and Goff shows us practically how to live this out, because as he writes, “love does.”

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