Truth Is…This Year Could Be Awesome.

We launched our student ministries year with a bang!
God brought us 949 GZ students!! (And 710 Revolution — High School — students!!). 1659 is by far our biggest attendance ever! We are really excited about this because it displays the ways God is stirring in young people!

At GZ, we kicked off our Truth Is…series.

We began with a talk, Truth Is…This Year Could Be Awesome.

Jesus says in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” And the word “full” really means to be filled with overflowing joy, excitement, abundance, and zeal. Jesus really truly has come to make your life meaningful.

We gave students three primary ways to help make this year awesome.
1. Come to Ground Zero consistently.
2. Join a small group
3. Be an owner (serve, invite, engage).

And of course, the fourth and primary way to make this year awesome is to do those things SO THAT they get to know Jesus more.

The first part of John 10:10 says, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy…”

My back yard is a patchwork of green and brown grass. Some of my yard is lush and green, but other parts of the lawn are dead. Mainly because my two dogs pee and poop all over and kill the grass. But see, OVERALL, I have a sweet backyard. I can’t necessarily control the bad areas and what my dogs do-do on, but I can make sure – overall – the yard is great by taking care of it. So I’ve watered it. I’ve fertilized it. I’ve mowed it.

And let’s just say this yard represents their life.

I can bet the student’s life, like my yard, might have lots of awesome things going on, and yet, there might be a lot of areas of their life that have been pooped and peed on.

The thief, this evil at work in the world, is trying to destroy what is good and true and awesome in our lives.

In life, we might still get peed and pooped on, bad things might still happen EVEN as we get to know Jesus, but just like my yard, if we fill our lives with enough good things – with coming to Ground Zero consistently, with joining a small group, with serving, inviting your friends, with engaging in everything we ask you to do. If you fill your life with these things SO THAT you get to know Jesus more and more, I’m telling you, the truth is, this year could be awesome.

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