Stay Focused On The Main Thing

It’s so easy…
* To major in the minors
* To focus more energy and time on less meaningful things.
* To get distracted.
* To put 80% of your energy into the last 20% of important tasks.

In one of our recent leadership training meetings, Dale Peterson shared how easy it is to get blown about by the wind when you are focused on getting to shore in a canoe.

There are lots of winds at work in our lives trying to blow us off the course of achieving the mission, aren’t there?

Tuesday, the day before we were about to launch the biggest initiative we have ever launched in Student Ministries, we got stuck on some minor details involving something that just did not matter in the moment. And I thought to myself: This is exactly what Satan would want. He would want us to be haggling over minor details that have nothing to do with the students who are going to hear about Jesus Christ the next day.

This was our “wind.” It was blowing us off course and moving us int he wrong direction.

The question is: How do you stay focused on the main thing?

1. Repetive Reminders
Sometimes it can become a joke how often you repeat a well-known slogan or mission statement. But even when it becomes silly how often it gets repeated, it is necessary. If your mission is to “reach others for Christ,” repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. Until people are sick of it. Pack it with stories. Say it in new ways. But the repetitive reminders provide heat and plug the holes as the vision leaks.

2. Hold each other accountable
Too often, I think people are afraid to say, “That’s not important.” And maybe we should be afraid. Let’s face it: The reason people talk about things is because they think those things are important. But who has the stomach to actually say it’s not?! We need those people. We need it in each other. We need people to say, “That’s not important. Let’s talk about what’s important.” Hold each other accountable.

3. Gain Wisdom
This is really what Dale talked about during our leadership meeting. If we have Godly wisdom (knowing scripture, prayer, the Holy Spirit, and wise counsel), we will know more frequently when the wind is blowing us off course. The problem is, so many of us think we have enough wisdom that we don’t continually seek to grow in Godly wisdom.

The truth is, no one ever has enough wisdom.

Repetitive reminders.
Growing in Godly wisdom.

There are just three ideas.

What ways do you help yourself or your team stay focused on the main thing?