Dream Becomes Reality

Beginning tomorrow, every single campus of Eagle Brook Church will be hosting both junior high (Ground Zero) and senior high (Revolution).

Blaine and Lino Lakes are adding Ground Zero.
White Bear Lake and Spring Lake Park are adding Revolution.
Woodbury launched last year with both on Sunday nights already.

It’s surreal to be in the moment of fruition, smack dab in the middle of a dream becoming reality.

This dream started long before I arrived at EBC; I’m just fortunate enough to be at the tail end.

It started with a desire to reach as many students as possible for Christ. And once it became a green light that all 5 campues could really host both programs, we began a long, time-consuming plan to follow up our desire.

Now it’s here. Tomorrow.

Time and time again we have had to remind ourselves why we were doing this.
Time and time again we had to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to get us through.
Time and time again we had to forgive each other or apologize or promise to do it better next time.

And now it’s here. A dream has become a reality.

We are praying for this launch to be a mighty movement of Jesus Christ. Nothing more, but nothing less.