Jesus 101 Series Arc

Leading up to Easter week, we completed a series called: Jesus 101

Series blurb:
We talk about Jesus all the time, but do you really know him? Do you really know where He is? Do you really know what He does? Do you really know much about His life, death, and resurrection?

In this series, we are going to learn about the greatest man who ever lived. He was a revolutionary, a Messiah, and the only God-man to ever walk this earth. He’s the most intriguing, interesting, and compelling person to ever live. Join us as discover why people still talk about Him 2,000 years later and take Jesus 101 with us.

Week 1: Who is He?
Week 2: Where is He?
Week 3: What does He do?

Each week, we come up with a bottom line or one thing for students to take away.

1. Who is he? Jesus is fully God, fully man, the Lord and King of all, and this changes everything.

2. Where is he? Because of the Holy Spirit, look no further to your left, your right, and inside.
* We even tackled the Trinity (albeit for just 3 minutes) in this talk. We used the illustration of a light that is red, green, blue, and showed those all separately (great job by our technical director) and then turned them all at once, which makes white.

3. What does he do? Jesus saves.
* We asked students to say YES! to Jesus after this talk and 16 students did give their lives to Christ for the very first time!

Like most series, it is difficult to gauge how “well” it went, but for a series that could have potentially weighed more on theology/information, I thought our team did a fantastic job of making sure we stayed more intently in the application – what does this mean for ME?

Anyways, I’ll try to post the message bumper when it gets uploaded!