On the Verge

We are approaching our annual Junior High Spring Retreat.
At Eagle Brook Church, we do just one off-site retreat or camp a year, and this is the one.
So we put a lot of energy and thought into this one.

And I gotta say, I’m more excited about this TOPIC than I’ve ever been about a topic.
We want to move students from living life ON THE VERGE, on the edge, on the cusp, to a life of something greater for God, a life of action.
We believe the saddest life is a life lived in the almost, the not-quites, the what-ifs. Instead, we want to point students to a different way of a life, a passionate, action-filled life found only in the freedom found in Christ.

On Friday night, we’re going to set up the weekend with a pre-recorded video message describing the kind of passion God wants us to live with. We are going to set up the tension between where they might live now to where they could live. On Saturday morning, one of our student pastors is going to deliver a message on what it means to dream different. On Saturday night, another pastor is going to deliver a message on what it means to think different. Then on Sunday morning, a message will be given on what it means to do different.


We really view retreats as an opportunity to push students to go deeper. We attempt things (prayer experiences, more intimate worship) that we wouldn’t do on a normal night of programming.

Of course the fun elements will be there, but our hope, ultimately, is that students would get a taste of, an experience, and the tools necessary to move off the verge and into the game.

Here’s the promo video we showed (we actually did a shortened version for 2 consecutive weeks to build the tension of what was happening).

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