Watch Out For the Critical Monster


He’s a sneaky little guy, the Critical Monster.

He masks himself as helpful — and sometimes he is helpful.

He claims to be looking out for the greater good — and sometimes he makes things better.

But more often than not, whatever the original intentions, the critical thoughts and feedback morph into a monster-like judgment that divides and destroys.

Why does she say those things?

If I were the leader, I would do it differently and better.

His intentions are so impure. 

The Critical Monster plants those thoughts in our minds and occasionally forces us to speak to everyone other than the person needing the feedback.

Too often, I’ve seen this monster divide teams, destroy confidence in one another, and become a weapon used by Satan to bring down momentum in churches and youth ministries.

It is vital that we offensively and proactively attack the Critical Monster.

  1. Pray.
    Don’t overlook how important it is to pray against the sneaky moves of the Evil One. Protect yourself, your team, and the leadership God has given you by covering it all in prayer.
  2. Speak Truth To The Person.
    Instead of harboring critical and judgmental thoughts (which then fester into something greater), speak truth to the person you need to express feedback. Don’t whisper the critical thoughts to others. Speak it directly to the person. If you can’t say it to them, don’t say it at all. In fact, don’t even think it.
  3. Look at Yourself.
    Jesus says to consider the log of wrongdoing in your own life before judging the speck in someone else’s. Nine times out of ten, when I harbor a critical thought towards someone or something, I need to just look at myself first and I realize how futile my criticism is towards someone else.
  4. Just Stop It.
    I can sense a mile away the person who is harboring the Critical Monster. He seeps through their pores. Even though they might smile at you and tell you good things, I can still sense the Monster has set up residence. The reality is, so can other people. The last thing is to just stop it. Stop the Critical Monster. You can control it more than you think.

Don’t let the Critical Monster have his way. Don’t let him divide and destroy. God has too much He wants to accomplish through our teams and ministries.