Becoming You








We are kicking off a series this week at Ground Zero called “Becoming You.” I’m really excited about it, because we want to accomplish two things: Get students to understand their identity and purpose is found in Christ alone, and to get them excited about reading their bibles (by reading through Ephesians). Our win statement this year is to “lead junior high students to an identity rooted in Jesus Christ through relationships and environments.” The key word is IDENTITY. Our primary goal this year is to get them to understand they have ONE identity, and that is found rooted in Jesus Christ. Here’s an email I send to all parents/students at the beginning of a series, like this one.


We are back on at Ground Zero, Eagle Brook Church and kicking off a new series titled Becoming You on Wednesday, Oct. 26!


During this series, we are going to ask and help you answer two questions: Who am I? and What is my purpose? There is a chasm between who we are currently and who we are becoming. This chasm represents an identity crisis. Without knowing God’s true purpose and identity for our lives, we will never become the kind of person God intended us to become.


We are going to read through the book of Ephesians and together, discover our true identity and purpose.


Oct. 26: Identity Crisis
Nov. 2: Who Am I?
Nov. 9: Who Am I? Part 2
Nov. 16: What Is My Purpose?


How are you working with students on IDENTITY AND PURPOSE? 

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