Me & God: Who is Feelin the Pressure?

Me & God: Who is feelin’ the pressure? I love this title, but it’s so funny to think about.

Let me explain. From Oct. 5th to Oct 15th, here’s what was on our junior high ministry calendar.
1. We formed small groups on Oct. 5th. I don’t know what the process for you is like, but we essentially use a “show up early” and our coaches and volunteers will form you into a small group. Small groups are a HUGE piece of our ministry (we believe it closes the back door and where true discipleship occurs). So forming them is a huge, huge deal, especially when you have 722 students on a night.
2. We are launching our first Woodbury campus Student Preview Night on Oct. 9th. We opened Woodbury for Eagle Brook Church in East Ridge High School on Sept. 10/11, and this is our first student programming night (although we don’t officially start until January). Not only is it the first one, but it’s the first one where we are doing a piggy back junior high/high school night and it’s on a different night (on Sundays, not Wednesdays).
3. We are inviting all Ground Zero parents on Oct. 12 for a message entitled: “How to Raise Your Parents.” (I’m fairly certain I stole this one from Saddleback, but I can’t always remember the source of ideas!!). I think this is going to be a spectacular time, but it’s a lot of pressure to put our best foot forward for parents. Plus, we face some “space” issues (which is a great issue to have, but we seriously might lack seating at our WBL campus).
4. We are dealing with some discipline issues because of the number of students. In back to back weeks, we’ve just had a couple of small discipline issues that can quickly speculate. I love junior high students, but we sometimes take the mentality of “We can’t let the inmates take over.” Is that wrong? haha. Either way, our team at WBL is working hard to ensure discipline is covered appropriately.
5. Last, we have a Fall retreat called GEL on Oct 14-15. It is in-house at our WBL campus and is an extensive work combining all types of sweet fun and three “sessions” in 18 hours. We have some super fun creative stuff worked out. But…pressure.

Here’s the point of this post: I’m feeling the pressure. My shoulders feel tight. My mind is racing. I’m working overtime. But I woke up this morning thinking: Why am I feeling the pressure? God is the one who works, transforms, moves, and changes lives!

I’m reminded today of Bill Hybel’s talk at the Leadership Summit. We are somewhere on the scale of being “under challenged” to being “dangerously over challenged” (with appropriately challenged in between). The truth is, we all operate best on the low end of the “dangerously over challenged.” I’m there.

But today, here’s what I’m telling God. God, you’re the only one big enough to handle this. Not me. Not our team. Not our adults. Not our plans. Not our marketing. Not our hard work to make it excellent. While those are important, I’m putting the pressure on you to move, to show up, to change lives.

And man, I already feel so much better. God is God. I’m not. Give the pressure to Him. I’m guessing He can handle it better than we can.

2 thoughts on “Me & God: Who is Feelin the Pressure?

  1. Loved the post. I’ll be praying for you and for the programs you’re leading – God is doing amazing things through EBC! “God is God. I am not” – I need to live by that every day. Thanks for the message.

    • Thanks for the comment. God is doing great things. It’s always tempting to let your ego get in the way of letting God do His thing, so trust me, I need to work on that motto too.

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