Where Are You Headed?

My boss, Ray Zaffke, told me this modern-day parable of sorts. It’s so good, I must share.

“My wife and I decided to take a trip. We were allowed to go ANYWHERE we wanted to go in the country, but had to drive there. We were given time off and enough resources to make the trip happen. It would cost us some, but ultimately, there is no question this is the one place we wanted to go.

So we chose Myrtle Beach.

We can’t wait to go and we want to get there as fast as we can (we don’t love driving in a car). We load up the car, hop in, and head towards Myrtle Beach. However, about 2 hours in, we get a phone call that tells us: You can go to Tijuana, Mexico. It’s totally free. The trip is covered. And the only deal is you have to go there instead of Myrtle Beach.

If our hearts are set on the glorious destination of Myrtle Beach, why would we choose to turn around and head the other direction? We KNOW Myrtle Beach is where we need to go and want to go, and yet, Tijuana is free. Hmm. The dilemma.

What do you do?

Here’s the point: A lot of people go to where is convenient. A lot of people choose to go where the “circumstances” line up. A lot of people go where it is easiest. The question we have to ask ourselves is: Are we willing to not get distracted by those things so we can head towards the right destination?

There are lots of options that are easier, cheaper, and more accessible. But we’ve got to ask ourselves: Is it truly where we should head? Is it truly where we should go?