I’m obsessed with potential.
I love dreaming of ways to reach a higher (never a full) potential in myself.
I love dreaming, planning ways to reach a higher (never a full) potential of the junior high ministry I oversee.
I love dreaming of ways to improve my marriage, our house, and my role as a father.

I love the dreaming.
And don’t always love the discipline required to reach a higher potential.

I firmly believe humans, churches, youth ministries have much much more potential than we give ourselves credit for.
Some of us are real good at dreaming of reaching incredible heights of potential.
Some of us are real good at finding all the reasons why we can’t reach our potential.

I love the passionate pursuit of potential, of growth, of becoming a better version of who or what you are currently.
I get deeply angered when I notice apathy in myself, others, or other churches and youth ministries.

I love the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree that wasn’t reaching it’s full potential (Mark 11:12-14). Why do I love it? Because Jesus is upset this fig tree isn’t reaching a greater potential.

There is something inside all of us and all the youth ministries, churches, and organizations we’re a part of that is crying out: “I have MORE POTENTIAL than you see and are willing to work for in ME!” 

The question today is: Are you (heck, am I) willing to be disciplined enough TODAY, to put in the work, to plan and execute ways to move from here to there?

Want to grow spiritually? Spend time with Jesus.
Want to grow wiser? Read the Bible.
Want to grow your youth ministry? Study other youth ministries. Execute plans. Lead other leaders. Invest today.
Want to become a better version of you? Find a counselor, a mentor, someone to hold you accountable. Read a book. Take notes. Apply.

As Steven Furtick asked at the Leadership Summit, “How are we going to get from inspiration to implementation? Audacity and faith. If we don’t act, we are just daydreamers.” 

Dream of a greater potential today and do something about it.


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