Leadership Summit 2011 (Michelle Rhee)

This is my second post on the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. My first post was on Bill Hybels.

Jim Mellado interviewed Michelle Rhee, who was the chancellor of the Washington D.C. Public School System. In short, she took over a disastorous education system and attempted to make radical, drastic changes. Changes to the way students were taught, the way teachers were held accountable, the way principals, adminstration, and schools were held accountable. She closed 12 schools.

Her story has been popularized by the documentary, Waiting for Superman.

I loved two things about the interview with her:

1. Her tenacity. Man, she is driven. She clearly has a tenacious drive to make things right and to be decisive. I admired her willingness to do whatever it took to make things right. Through it all, however, she carried herself humbly and with a lot of grace.

Personally, I came away thinking: I want to believe in something so much that I’m willing to do whatever it takes, to be tenacious.

2. “I’d much rather deal with anger than apathy.” How about that for a quote, huh? How many of us are truly willing to admit we’d rather people be angry at us than apathetic. We might all give words to a statement like that, but would we actually stare down those who are angry at us if we knew the alternative was apathy?

This is a quote I’m praying over. If I’m truly going to become the kind of youth pastor, pastor, and leader I want to be, I will need to live out and interalize this quote. I want people to live for Jesus passionately — regardless of whether or not they like me.