Pissed Off

I’m pissed off today.
I’m pissed off for two main reasons.

1. The MN Government shutdown and the NBA & NFL lockouts.

Here’s why I’m pissed: There are a few select individuals who dispute, wage war, and argue over billions of dollars while this argument affects thousands of the “non-select” people.

Listen: This isn’t a political/financial/scholarly statement. I know people know a lot more about the intricacies of these shutdowns and deals. My friend Evan, for one, is a financial guru. He probably gets the inside details and understands the finances of it all. Personally, I get that it doesn’t make sense that 22 of the 30 NBA teams aren’t profitable. I get that the MN budget needs to be fairly balanced. I get that the NFL needs to have a collective bargaining agreement that helps those who suffer injuries and get booted out of the NFL early.

In other words, I get “fair.”

But don’t try to tell me this makes any kind of sense.

There is literally 50% of the world who lives on $2 a day, and Americans now argue over billions of dollars and whether a person will make one million or two million. We argue at the expense of the “non-select” — those who truly do live paycheck to paycheck, those who truly can’t afford to be laid off currently.

It’s all relative. I get that. But that still doesn’t make it right.

SO I’m pissed. I can’t offer a thoughtful, intelligent conclusion (I’ll leave that to the financial, political gurus). But I can tell you: I’m pissed.

2. Adults who live vicariously through their kids. Adults who are unhealthy and can’t emotionally support their kids. Adults who “abandon” their kids at the expense of personal dreams, personal agendas, and emotional/spiritual/physical instability.

I work in junior high ministry, so I tend to have a heightened sense of passion about this subject. But I hear more and more stories of adults who let their kids play on three teams at once. Adults who move into new cities so their kid can play at a better high school. Adults who are seriously unstable and rely on their 11 year old kids to support them. Adults who want to abandon their kids (I had a Mom call me wanting to just give away her 16 year old this week. Seriously. She asked where she could take him and drop him off — like Foster Care. She was “over it.”).

I am tired of adults who don’t take time to invest in relationships with young people who aren’t their own. I am tired of adults pursuing their own agendas without caring about the agendas of the next generation. I am tired of the feelings of abandonment so many young people feel.

I’m pissed. Is that okay?

What are you pissed about?