Fasting by Scot McKnight

Fasting is no longer a popular practice. At least, not in the circles I run in. It’s a practice for people who are very spiritual or pastors. It’s a practice for those truly in need of answer or desperately searching.
At least, this is what I thought until I read Fasting by Scot McKnight.

In this book, McKnight tackles fasting from a biblical and practical perspective. Fasting is a practice all Christians need to engage in.

What I loved most was McKnights ability to communicate a complex and dull subject with a clear and compelling writing ability. He didn’t necessarily try to inspire and win an argument; instead, he simply presented the truths about fasting as found in the Bible and how we can pursue fasting as a spiritual discipline.

I recommend this book to anyone who would like to go a little deeper with this specific discipline. Plus, McKnight is a phenomenal thinker, author, writer, and pastor.

The Principle of the Path

Andy Stanley is a master of writing and teaching in a simple, yet profound manner. He does it once again, with The Principle of the Path.

In fact, this is one of his best books to date.

What I loved about the book was his ability to communicate the truth about how despite our best intentions, we sometimes don’t end up where we want to be. Why? Because our actions today determine our outcomes tomorrow. It’s are direction, not our intentions, that determine our destination.

As he writes, “The choices are now. The outcomes are later. The decisions you make today have ramifications down the road.”

If you’re looking for a book to provide some guidance in life; if you’re asking questions like “What’s next? Or how do I get there? Or where do I want to go and what’s it going to take?” then read this book. Or pass it along to a friend who is in need for some direction.