Do Church (and other things) Better!

Don’t take this wrong way. Seriously. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just feeling like I need to cut to the chase today. No fluff.

But no one is coming to your church or youth ministry because:
* You don’t do things very well.
* The parking lot is flooded.
* Your messages are boring.
* The band is brutal. I don’t care the girl is 11 years old. She can’t sing and can’t play the guitar. It’s not worshipful just because she’s 11. She still sucks.
* It’s not worth my time.
* No one talked to me in any kind of meaningful way.
* No one can remember my name.
* The leaders there are freakin’ weirdos and I don’t want to be like them.
* You aren’t giving me anything to chew on.
* I didn’t grow up in your tradition. So when you do weird sayings out loud, I have no idea what you’re doing.
* The music is awful and boring.

Let’s all agree – the Holy Spirit lives and moves and breathes and has His being in our lives, other people’s lives, and the Church. Church (and youth ministry) growth happens because of God and what God is doing. Lives can certainly be changed through boring messages and horrible music, because God is just that powerful.

BUT, a value I’ve been taught here at the church I’m at is that we are called to NOT MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR PEOPLE TO COME TO GOD.

Therefore, we do everything humanly possible to clear the path and make God as accessible as possible. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to truly change lives, but we feel that our job is to make God easier to get to.

Don’t over-spiritualize things.

If you’re leaders are weird…If you’re music is terrible…If you’re messages suck…If you’re not creating an environment conducive and relevant to young people…If you do things that a first time guest would never understand…If you aren’t giving some Gospel truth…If you JUST AREN’T DOING THINGS WELL…

Start doing them better.

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