The Edge (Part 3)

I’ve written about how leaders are called to disrupt the status quo and the equilibrium in order to push people to the edge. I’ve written about how our ministry heart and style should be about doing whatever it takes to get to the edge to lead people to Christ.

And now, I’m writing about how we as leaders must bring the EDGE.

In “Making the Big Time Where You Are” by Coach Frosty Westering, Frosty talks about the three-sided coin. One side represents the “doing the best.” The other side represents the “being the best.” But ultimately, we can’t control those sides. The EDGE (or the third side) is the difference maker and this side represents “giving it our best shot.” We can’t control if we do or be the best, but we can control if we are giving it our absolute best shot. We can compete against ourselves, and this edge makes all the difference.

In “The Leadership Engine” by Noel Tichy, he writes about how all of the great leaders and organizations bring energy and edge to do what needs to get done. All great leaders of all great organizations possess the “edge” mentality — that is, they bring the emotional edge required to push things through to success and completion. In fact, leaders will create burning platforms just to get people to feel the effects of the edge and therefore perform at higher, more energetic levels.

Here’s the point: We need to bring the edge every day as leaders of ministries. Whether you work with junior high students, lead a church, or are simply trying to grow as a leader, you must bring the edge every day. Compete against your best self (you can control that). Bring your A game energy to work and the day (you can control that). And sustain the edge through transitions and challenging times.

Are you bringing the edge?

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