Leading is Teaching

I read a book with a quote that said “Leader and Educator are synonyms.”

I’m fairly confident in my leadership. I’m fairly not confident in my ability to teach leadership.

I have a mentor, Dale Peterson, whom I get to meet with approximately once a month. And this guy KNOWS how to teach leadership.

He’s the kind of guy whom you’ll sit with for an hour during a breakfast and he’ll have taught you more about leadership in that hour than you could ever read in a 300 page book. He’ll draw little tables, graphs, and slogans on napkins or scraps of paper.

This guy knows how to teach, and specifically, teach leadership.

I don’t think I can. Yet.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I can talk fairly confidently about things I read or things I’ve learned, but not in a short, memorable, consistent, concise way.

Here’s my plan:
* First, I’m going to write out brief ways to teach memorable leadership thoughts.
* Second, I’m going to practice to myself.

I can’t think of any other way to learn how to do this. I can hope and pray this will naturally occur, that one day I can sit across a young, strapping (just blowing up my own ego), young leader like myself and try to teach leadership or life lessons.

Or, instead of hoping, I can actually work on this moment.

If being a winning leader is knowing how to develop other leaders and teach them, then I’m going to need to practice before I’m ready to develop other leaders.

What are ways that you have learned to teach what you know? Do you believe being a leader is also being an educator?

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