Living In Your Ministry Community

Three weeks ago, Emily and I moved into the city of White Bear Lake, where we both work. Previously, we lived in St. Paul, approximately 15 miles away from our church city.

Now, we can’t go anywhere without seeing someone we know.

And we love it.

Today, I saw two junior high school students I knew. We talked to three different parents. We interacted with two different high school students who used to be in our ministry setting. And I ran three miles to see some of our mentors in life.

And did I tell you we love it?

I’m not sure I think living in proximity to your ministry community is essential, but I’m pretty close to believing it is. Having a presence, being a face, and just being around the same people in the “world” that you attempt to lead and guide in your youth ministry setting is a hugely important extra bonus, if not essential.

What do you think? Do you think it is essential to live in close proximity to the ministry setting where you serve as a youth pastor?