Learning from the Best

One of the silver lining differences between good and great, average and the best, dying or stagnant churches and thriving and growing churches, is the desire to learn from the best.

I have a lot to learn. A lot.

But I know that! And I want to learn, especially from the BEST!

I see it time and time again. There are the pastors and leaders of small churches who want to — and do — ignore thriving, growing churches. Then there are thriving, growing churches who want to — and do — learn from leaders and ministries that are thriving even more than they are. They humbly submit themselves to the fact that they still have a lot to learn.

There is a huge difference between those who want to learn from the best and those who don’t (and truly, there are people who don’t want to learn).

I read this article about Brad Stevens, head coach of the Butler basketball team. They reached the championship last year and the final four (and maybe further) this year. http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post?id=28333

He’s a brilliant guy with a hugely successful program, and yet he wants to learn from the best.

There is a hunger, a passion, a desire to grow. And he is humble enough to admit he doesn’t know it all.

Today, I’m leaving for North Point’s Drive Conference, led by Andy Stanley. I am psyched to learn from what I consider to be the best leader and pastor that I know of in this country (and maybe the world). North Point is the top echelon of churches who get it and do it really well. I also get a chance to check out what they are doing in the junior high ministry world and connect with some of the NP leaders as well as Jeremy Zach, who works for Orange and one of the best thinkers in the youth ministry world today.

I also love that I’m attending with several of our top leaders from Eagle Brook. These men and women are some of the best of the best, and yet they are hungry to learn even more from people who potentially do it better than them. It is humbling for a young leader like me to know that these leaders, who operate at a much higher capacity than me, are still pumped to go and learn from others.

Leaders are readers. Leaders are learners. If you don’t have a hunger and a desire to learn — and to learn from the best — I would seriously question your position of authority and leadership.

Go learn from the best this week. I know I will be.

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