I’m not good enough

I’m just not.

Last week, I stumbled through a talk.
There weren’t as many junior high students as normal.
The techy stuff didn’t work.
My illustration fell through.
The leaders seem confused about what to do.

It’s true: I’m not good enough. I’m not talented enough. I’m not capable enough.

But God smacked me on Thursday and Friday.
What do you THINK you need to do to be GOOD enough for me?
What could you POSSIBLY do to EARN my love?
Do you really think I look at you as “not good enough” when you give your all for my sake — just because you stumbled a bit, the videos didn’t work. and a certain number of kids were there?

Through a devotion led by my boss and a blog I read by Steven Furtick here, I’m reminded: I am God’s beloved. Period. Not, I am God’s beloved if…

It’s true: I’m not good enough. But God is. That, my friends, needs to be the refreshing truth of your heart.

Are you conveying the truth that the young people you lead are God’s beloved no matter who they are?
And do you believe it yourself?