Social Media – A Temptress or Tool?

I seriously can’t decide something, and it’s been on my mind and heart for over three months.

Is social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs — a wooing, misguiding temptress or a tool?

I know there is lots written in this regard, but hear me out.

On one hand, I know that using facebook, twitter, and blog posts can provide tools, resources, motivation, insight, growth — and all in the name of Kingdom expansion. Personally, I’ve been motivated, resourced, and have grown and gained insight through all of these means.

On the other hand, it can be a nasty distraction and a source of unchecked pride. Let’s face it, social media is generally designed to build your platform and self-promote. I cringe every time I post a link to a blog post I wrote, but should I? Is the time I spend on these simply a temptress wooing me away from real Kingdom work, real Christ-centered ministry? Is the time spent on these a source of egotism and pride and a way to shine the light on ourselves more than Jesus Christ?

Youth Pastors and others, I don’t have the answer here.

Maybe through time, understanding, and more with God, I will.

In the meantime, I’d encourage everyone to wrestle with how we use these tools. If they aren’t bringing glory to God and making Christ known, I’m doubting that they are a good use of time.

I love this post, by the way: Discussion on Christians and Technology.

Come on people, I want to know what you think: Temptress or Tool?

3 thoughts on “Social Media – A Temptress or Tool?

  1. Well, you probably know my view via the roundtable, but essentially it comes down to your heart. There will always be a temptation, but by grace I think you can use these tools effectively all for His glory. I’ve grown spiritually probably more through blogs, iTunes, and YouTube than anything outside the Bible. Additionally, I think the Lord can and will use things even when our motives aren’t perfect.

  2. Thanks for the comment Brandon. I’m wrestling with this question, but your answer is definitely truth. They definitely CAN be used for His glory. I’m just making sure my motives are pure as is my heart!

    Thanks for the thoughts and I enjoy your blog. Keep writing man.

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