Why I’m Going To Watch “Skins”

Not sure if you follow this kind of thing, but MTV is coming out with a new series called Skins.

Here’s the show description: “Skins is a wild ride through the lives of a group of high school friends stumbling through the mine field of adolescence… and stepping on most of the mines as they go…Be it sex, drugs, the breadth of friendships or the depth of heartbreaks, Skins is an emotional mosh-pit that slams through the insanity of teenage years. They’ll crush hearts and burn brain cells, while fearlessly confronting every obstacle head on…or slightly off.”

I watched some of the character trailers and I’m actually a bit ill. As someone who works with teens and young people, I can only pray this show won’t glorify sex, drugs, and heartbreaks.

However, I know it will.

I know SKINS, especially being an MTV show, will definitely maintain a cultish following and will be watched by many of the students I lead.

So why would I watch this over-senstationalized, grotesque, and over-characterization of today’s high school?

1. Teenage Restorer. There are cultural relativists (those Christians who simply look exactly like culture). There are separatists (those who close their eyes and ears at everything non-Christians). And then there are restorers (those who engage culture and hope to restore it). These phrases courtesy of “Next Christians” by Gabe Lyons. I see myself as a teenage restorer (or at least I want to be). I hope to take what is supposed to be a typical teenager and help them become a devoted little Christ.

2. Glee. I stopped watching Glee because of how disgusting it’s portrayal of high school life had become. And I don’t want to become someone who shuns all things non-Christian. Over even all things that aren’t “suitable” to watch.

3. Students will be watching. I know they’ll be watching this show, so I want to know what it is they are so engaged in.

4. Non-Christian teens will definitely be watching. Where are the young people we are trying to reach? Watching this show, so I want to be there too.

What is your opinion? Will you be watching this show? Should Youth Pastors be watching this show?

One thought on “Why I’m Going To Watch “Skins”

  1. Oh boy, I have to comment on my own blog. Wow. That show was shocking and bad. I probably will continue to tune in, but due to the nature of falling asleep at awful acting and a stupid storyline, I may just not be able to finish another one. Let alone the fact that the show was awful in every single way imaginable.

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