Adding to the Absurdity

Yesterday, I posted on the absurdity of youth ministry and its’ theology. Read that here.

But I had a few questions regarding my “It’s all God” statement.

To say this doesn’t excuse our responsibility to work hard and create incredible youth ministries.

The best analogy I’ve seen is from Mark Driscoll. “God’s sovereignty (it’s all God) and human responsibility are like two pedals on a bike, they work together. God initiates, we respond. God gets his work done through his people…If “it’s all God,” then you forget the fact that God works through us.”

That’s why the second part of my post about the absurdity of youth ministry is concluding I will continue to work in it. Somehow, someway, God uses my efforts, my work, my desire to go big in attraction and get small in relationship, and my desire to embrace the paradox of youth ministry to change lives.

We all know people and youth pastors who emphasize one pedal or the other.

There are the youth pastors who refuse to create excellent, fun environments because “it’s all God” anyways.

There are the youth pastors who name websites after themselves and focus almost entirely at creating celebrities out of themselves while removing God from the equation.

There are the youth pastors who refuse to work long, hard hours occasionally because it doesn’t matter how hard they work, they think.

There are youth pastors who work more than 60+ hours, fail to pray, spend time with God, and damage the relationship they once had with their wives and family because they think their entire youth ministry is going to fall apart without them.

Trust me, I emphasize one pedal more than the other my fair share.

But my goal is to focus on pushing both pedals equally in 2011 and watch as God does His thing.

What pedal do you generally favor?


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