Best Ministry Books in 2010

Continuing my Best Books Read in 2010 (regardless of publishing date), here is my final list…

The Best Ministry Books Read in 2010


1. Untamed by Alan Hirsch
Alan Hirsch is easily one of my favorite authors. I love his heart for Jesus and his desire to live a missional life. I love how he is consistently pointing to a life that entirely focuses on Jesus and spreading that love through all means necessary.

2. Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick
To say this book is inspirational is an understatement. Steven Furtick knows how to motivate, and he knows how truly big God can be. This book inspired me to pray bigger prayers and press God for bigger things to occur in my life and the ministry I oversee.

3. On Being a Theologian of the Cross by Gerhard Forde
This book was published long before 2010, and yet this book easily makes my top 5 ministry books of 2010. I will forever be changed by this brief and clear discussion Theology of Glory versus Theology of the Cross.

4. The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg
I have a confession; I had never read Ortberg. Til now. And I understand why people love him. This book was surprisingly insightful and deep. I worried Ortberg had become more of a shallow, let’s sell books type of author. I was mistaken. This book inspired me to seek to become a better version of who God created me to be, and not be ashamed about it.

5. From Eternity to Here by Frank Viola
Viola is slowly becoming one of my favorite authors as well. He’s clearly a creative and brilliant guy. I was captivated by his ability to tell a story “From Eternity to Here.” Furthermore, I contain a deep passion for the Church, and Viola lays out his love for the Church as well.

I’m an avid book reader, so I truly want to know: What were your favorite books of 2010?