On Wednesday, Ground Zero (the Junior High program at Eagle Brook Church) hosted the annual Christmas party.

It’s a big invite night and a huge party. This was my first time helping lead the Christmas party, and all I can say is, now it’s time to brag about my God.

On this night, we saw about 20% new students and 25% higher attendance. In other words, junior high students invited their friends.

But, the best part? 75 students said YES to Jesus Christ for the very first time!!

This is incredible. This is a time where I can seriously brag on God and tell you that this happened ONLY because of Him!

My day began with a bunch of spiritual attacks and concluded with even more during the party. But I had prayed, as a spiritual authority over the students and building, that any attacks would come through me.

I didn’t hold my own very well.

What I can tell you is that God prevailed big time despite me, despite my weakening, despite my inefficiency. My God won!

What is a YES night? We give students an opportunity to respond, pray a prayer right then and there, and pray with a leader about accepting Jesus Christ into their lives. Listen, I know full well that living by faith in Jesus Christ isn’t a one-time thing, but I do know that this decision point can make all the difference. We also track these YES’s to see if they have ever said YES before at any other level at Eagle Brook Church. Youth pastors: I would strongly encourage you to give students an opportunity to respond regardless of if you believe in decisions like this or not. Raise the expectations and see if they respond accordingly.

Another conclusion? Youth pastors, are you claiming authority over the lives of your students? Tell the Evil One these lives belong to you and if anything is brewing, tell Satan to come through you. I can’t even begin to tell you how vital it is to maintain the posture of authority in the spiritual realm.

Last, I’m so thankful for a God who gives students an opportunity to freely accept him! I am in awe of the work He is doing in the lives of these students!


My God reigns this Christmas!

May you come to find the power and humility that comes from knowing the one who was born in a lowly stable!