Rhythm and Story

God has placed two distinct words on my heart the last week.


There is a certain cadence, a distinct tune, an on-beat rhythm to a healthy life. The older, more mature I become, the more I quickly spot when I’m getting off-tune or out-of-rhythm.

This rhythm is found in the daily movement of life. Knowing who God created me to be and having a glimpse into what I think God wants me to become, I can quickly feel when I am not living as the Me I Am Supposed To Be.

When I don’t spend enough alone, quiet time with God…
When I spend too much time with people…
When I’m not spending a healthy amount of time on self-development…
When I’m not providing enough energy to my marriage…
When I’m thinking too much about myself…
When I’m not sleeping enough…

These lead to an off-beat way of life…and I am not satisfied.

The second word, STORY, has been on my mind.

When it comes to following Jesus Christ, people come up with all kinds of reasons for why people should.

To me, the greatest reason is STORY.

Following Jesus Christ, the God of the Universe, provides a better, more complete, more adventurous story.

Here’s a caveat: I don’t ever want to present a devotion to Christ as something that ONLY is done for selfish reasons — ie, a better story.

But it’s true. Following the way of Jesus Christ simply begets a better story of life.

I’ve been greatly influence by author Donald Miller on this subject. We all want adventure, great conflict to overcome, and a grand story to be a part of, and what better way than following the wild God-man himself, Jesus!

Story doesn’t necessarily mean safety, success, or triumph. In fact, Jesus’ story includes death, destruction, and oppression.

But ultimately, to be a part of this story DOES mean you get to win in the end. The end is decided. Victory is declared. And in the meantime, you get to be a part of this Great Story.



I simply wish non-Christians knew how more fulfilling life could be if they realized how out-of-tune and weak their current stories were and how harmonious, glorious, and grand their life rhythm and story could be by following Jesus Christ!

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