Israeli Geopolitical Considerations in a Spiritual Context

By John Sharpe

I have recently returned from a two week trip to Israel. I co-led a 5 man team to Nahariyya for the purpose of renovating a bomb shelter for Israeli residents, who are unable to pay for their shelter to be upgraded into habitable condition after decades of neglect. The recent Hizbollah missile attacks on northern Israel cities, including Nahariyya, precipitated a flight back to using private and public bomb shelters and sometimes for periods exceeding three weeks.

After my congregation raised the necessary funds to pay for the renovation, our team traveled there to handle the upgrades. For a week, we worked in the bomb shelter – plastering, painting, installing equipment, paint, restrooms and other upgrades. The first purpose is to love and support the Jewish people in Israel by giving them sense of mind and comfort. We also share our faith in the Messiah if they so inquire, which is normally the case, simply because they are shocked that Christians would be willing to support them in such a way. Needless to say, we establish meaningful and fruitful relationships with the local residents. We cherished our time with them and will be staying in touch. Meanwhile, as Hizbollah mobilizes near the south Lebanese border, these local residents will be able to utilize their shelter!!

A trip to Israel produces a myriad of spiritual experiences, from significant discussions to an overwhelming sense of the Lord’s presence in many holy sites located throughout the country. Discussing religion and spirituality is not taboo; in fact, it is mostly the opposite. Undoubtedly, many return with an extensive list of insightful questions that cause one to think harder and more in-depth about what they believe. During the next few weeks, I hope to write a little about some of these questions I encountered. Trust me, I don’t claim to know the answers, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts.

A litany of opinions sprouted from numerous foreigners about the recent Israeli flotilla raid. “Amid so much international media coverage and scrutiny, how could they botch something that bad?” Now, this question alone is interesting, but if we compound it with the general question of Israeli’s role in God’s broader plan, ie the End Times, etc, it always becomes an intriguing topic, right? It’s intriguing because, at least in my congregation, which is a very strong supporter of Israel and loves the Jewish people, it doesn’t help when Israel seemingly behaves poorly. I emphasize the world seemingly and here I come to my main comments. Let’s try and give a little love to our friends caught in the heap of antagonistic neighboring countries, this little country where Jesus chose to manifest on the earth, die and resurrect.

I study geopolitics as a side hobby. Essentially, geopolitics is the study of how nations behave relative to one another based on their geographic placement in the world. States take into account the geographic advantages and disadvantages in world politics and general foreign policy. In particular, geopolitical analysis is important when considering Israel – the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. For a state the size of Israel, which is about the size of New Jersey, it must operate based on strict geopolitical guidelines. To survive, it must act preemptively, ally itself with a supra-regional power (the US), and secure its borders from military and terrorist attacks. It must concentrate on three immediate issues – the Palestinians, its immediate neighbors (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon) and supra-regional enemies (Iran). I can elaborate further about each of these areas of interest, but with regards to the flotilla raid, I need focus on all three. In effect, the flotilla raid seemed to be a mixture of mistakes and intentional action. The flotilla violated the official Israeli maritime regulations. Instead of being pragmatic, the Israelis took an aggressive action. Let’s remember that there are two active terrorist groups watching Israel’s behavior – Hizbollah and Hamas. If Israel bows to international sentiment, these groups become emboldened and more apt to stage attacks against Israel. If Israel, however, remains aggressive despite UN condemnation and international outrage, these two groups will remain less aggressive. The flotilla raid was, in my opinion, an open statement directed towards Hizbollah, Hamas and Iran with the intent of inflicting fear in order to reduce weapons and arms smuggling. Could they have conducted the raid better, or even restrained themselves and inspected the flotilla in another way? Yes. But I simply want to point out that there are other factors affecting their decisions, as is always the case with international foreign policy.

My heart goes out to Israel. The media portrays it as an aggressive state actor, yet it is has exercised more military restraint than arguably any other country. It is strong, but bear in mind it is because its neighbors are relatively weaker. It is vital that the US continue its support of Israel, because the US serves as a counter-balance to the larger enemies of Israel, namely Iran.

Moreover, how can we not spiritually and materially support Israel? OK, I am going to come out and say it ya’ll – I am not a replacement theologist. I have decided that the scripture does not clearly point to the church as the replacement of Israel. Rather, I believe the church is “grafted in” to the original “root” of Israel. Paul says, “…it is not you who support the root, but the root supports you.” (Rom. 11:18). Here are some reasons why Christians should support Israel:

The Example of Jesus, his first disciples and Paul : “…to the Jew first, and then to the Gentile.” (Rom 1:16)

Gratitude to the Jewish People : I think we owe the Jewish people a debt of gratitude for the blessings we have received from them. “salvation is from the Jews…” (John 4:22).

Trust in God’s faithfulness: His covenant with Israel is an everlasting covenant. Paul states concerning ethnic Israel, “regarding the gospel, they are enemies of God for your sake; but regarding election, they are beloved for the sake of fathers” (Rom 11:28).

Israel’s Central Place in Prophecy : God promises to restore Israel in the last days (Amos 8:14-15).

The World to Come : The names of the 12 tribes will be inscribed on the city gates of Jerusalem (Rev 21:12).

Honoring God’s Promises : God promises to bless those who bless Abraham and curse those who curse him (Gen. 12:3)

Prayer : We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Pslams 122:6).

Over time, I have realized that God has put a love in my heart for the Jewish people. My hope is that the Christian community can begin to go deeper and learn about the Hebraic roots of Christianity. There is so, so much to learn and grow from. Such research only invigorates the Gospel message and illuminates further our Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ, in Hebrew).

Shalom to everyone out there. I look forward to posting again soon. Next time I will cover more spiritual and theological points.

*Big shout out to for some references above!

One thought on “Israeli Geopolitical Considerations in a Spiritual Context

  1. Hi John,

    The church does not replace Israel, the church is the true Israel.

    I would encourage you to reconsider your position. Your reasons are all quite lacking (though it appears you will posting more on this later). I press this point because it obviously has very practical ramifications, as the title of your post reveals, but also because it has very serious ramifications for how we read the Bible and understand God’s work in redemptive history.

    Rom 1:16 – Yes, God chose to reveal Himself uniquely to Israel for a few thousand years and Christ’s kingdom work began in Israel. But Paul wrote that 2000 years ago. The gospel was taken to the Jew first. That time has now past and the Jew has no special place in the order of the preaching of the gospel.

    John 4:22 – This too is poor reasoning. We could just as easily say today that salvation is from the Christians because Christians possess God’s revelation. That’s all that phrase meant. Furthermore, if we owe the Jews gratitude for that, then we also owe them contempt for murdering Christ, don’t we? I can’t say I understand the reasoning.

    “His covenant with Israel is an everlasting covenant.” – Scripture expressly disagrees with you. Hebrews 8:13. For an alternative interpretation of Romans 11, I highly recommend Lee Irons’ paper

    Amos 8:14-15 – you’re going to have to unpack that for me. I don’t follow at all.

    Rev 21:12 – Yes, on the gates of NEW Jerusalem. “In this connection, the names of the twelve tribes of Israel on the gates are indicative of the identity of those who are within the gates. All Israel constitutes the glorious church of God, the glorious and holy Jerusalem. We may notice too that the idea that Israel and the church are two separate peoples is condemned in this passage. There shall not be two peoples, an earthy Jerusalem over which Christ shall rule and a heavenly people. There is only one people, and that one people is the church. The bride, the Lamb’s wife is constituted the New Jerusalem; and New Jerusalem’s citizens are all Israel, from Jew and Gentile.”
    -Herman Hoeksema, Behold He Cometh

    Gen 12:3 – He also promises to destroy the nation of Israel for their disobedience (Deut 28:15-68; specifically compare Deut 28:26 with Gen 15:11). But more than that, you’re ignoring who the true sons of Abraham are – John 8:39-47; Gal 3:29

    122:6 – Which Jerusalem? Paul says we are to cast out the old Jerusalem and set our sights on the Jerusalem above Gal 4:21-31

    I’m glad God has given you a heart for the Jewish people. But I would also be glad if he gave you a heart for the Palestinian people. They are both equal before God. Ethnic Jews today have no special place in God’s eye.

    Hopefully I can at least provide a foil for your future posts, and at most I can convince you to change your understanding of Israel.

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