The Journey ~ Part 3

But don’t say yes because it is what people expect of you. Don’t say Yes cause you want to buy some hell-fire insurance. SAY YES because you can’t stand the thought of anyone else driving your life. SAY YES because you dream of living a great story. Say yes because you want the journey of your life to look like the self-giving love of Jesus Christ.

I love this quote from Alan Hirsch. He says: “If our encounter with God (if our saying yes to Jesus) does not require something of us, we have to ask whether it was really God we encountered.”

When you say Yes, when you encounter God, something should – and will — happen.

In this movie clip we are going to watch, I want you to think for a second if you’re willing to SAY YES to Jesus and the great dreams He has planned for you.

Frodo Says Yes

Do you know who you are? It starts with saying Yes to Jesus. Do you have the courage?

Want to know a simple truth? “The Truth is of the matter is that the center of God’s will is not a safe place but the most dangerous place in the world.” Erwin McManus.

Once you say Yes and begin to understand who you are, you will begin to know where you’re going. The second step is to dream great God dreams to direct your way.

Frodo, in this story, didn’t know the exact destination, but he knows where he is going. He has a purpose. A call. A goal. He was dreaming this dream “so that He would save the world.”

God-given dreams are always “so that” type of dreams. God designed you to dream SO THAT you could be a part of his redemptive project. God wants you to dream SO THAT you can encourage and love other people.

According to Erwin McManus, he says “When our hearts are joined to God, our imagination can be the birthplace of the dreams of God for our lives.” He continues. “God wants to do more for us than we could ever ask. We can never say our dreams are too big. It is God’s desire to take us where our imaginations can soar!”

Say Yes to God and trust me, God wants to fulfill those dangerous SO THAT dreams.

So what are your SO THAT dreams? Where are you going?  Close your eyes for a minute and I want you picture a few things…

* Where you are going next year?

* Where you are going to be in five years?

* Where are you going to be in 10 years? What does your life look like?

Dream! Dream big! Hope for a better future SO THAT you can bless other people!

Does your family life stink? Then dream of creating a family where joy overflows…

Do you dream of becoming a doctor to heal people? Then go to medical school and dream!

When I was in third grade, I remember sitting in a classroom during our DARE program. The officer, Officer Terry Gable, asked the students what our dreams were. Being the cocky third grader I was, I raised my hand and told Officer Gable I was going to play pro baseball.

He told me “That is a silly dream.” Not many people ever make it to the pros, he said. Not only was it nearly impossible, but we lived in small town where that just didn’t happen very often, if ever.

People do this with being a Christian as well. They’ll tell you your dreams of what it means to follow Jesus are silly and impossible.

Has that ever happened to you? Can you remember a time when someone told you your dream was silly? Can you think of a time you equated being a Christian with boring and predictable?

To not pursue your dreams, to not pursue your God-given passions, to not be fully devoted to Jesus, is to not really follow Jesus. In fact, Jesus had a lot of harsh words to say to people who half-heartedly lived life — the type of person the book “Almost Christian” said you are all going to become.

In a story Jesus told, he tells us of three people who had talents to use in life. Two people sacrifice to double their talents. The third person, who had only one talent, didn’t do anything with it and just kept it to himself. After this, the master, who is God, says, “Throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

Don’t be deceived by the Officer Gables of the world. Don’t seek out lukewarm destinations.

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