Leading People To Freedom

Why Christianity? Why Jesus? Why should anyone choose to alter their lives by pledging sole allegiance to God?

Because it works.

I realize this is a dangerous answer for some Christians. It’s a sacrifice. It’s all about God. It’s not about YOU, they’ll say.

Which, mind you, is all true!

However, I’ve come to believe that the primary entry point for unChristians is that being a follower of Jesus WORKS.

Transformation ~ a significant change of your heart or in life ~ is one of those subjects I am most passionate about. In the last few years, I’ve drifted from this passion. Why? Not entirely sure, but perhaps when you become a Christian for many years, you forget the primary reason you dedicated your life in the first place.


Your heart becomes more like God’s heart.

Your life begins to look more like Jesus’ life.

The old turns to new. And the new leads to freedom, liberation, and hope.

The word Mark uses in his gospel in regards to making men fishers of men is a word that means to “take men alive.” So often, we ask people to die by adhering to rules, following our “membership” guidelines, and obeying the laws.

But the process of transformation requires that we take these people alive and lead them to even more life, more freedom, and more liberation.

As mature Christians will know, dying becomes a natural part of the growth process.

However, there is this promise that God doesn’t call us to something that we can’t handle. We can’t ask people to die before they are even truly alive!!

Why Christianity? Why should people follow Jesus?

Because it works. It leads to transformation. It leads to a heart change.

It liberates people to experience life on a whole new level.

Following Jesus liberates people to give beyond reason, to love without regard, to put their worth into something greater than this world, and to find hope in things we can’t always see!

The truth is this: God has someone in mind He wants you to become. Now! In this life! We don’t need to die to experience heaven. We can experience heaven in this life by becoming more of who we were meant to be.

This is an incredible truth! God has someone in mind He wants you to become! It takes hard work, it takes dying to our old selves, it takes discipline, but it happens…This doesn’t mean life gets easy or prosperity comes your way. It is something altogether. This means God will change your life and change your heart in such unimaginable ways that it is hard to qualify or quantify.

People want lives of significance. People don’t want to die living a boring, safe life.

Following Jesus bring this. He doesn’t call us to die to adventure, to life, to freedom…He calls us to die to insignificance, to possessions, to this world, so we can be transformed!

May you come to risk following Jesus. It works! May we come to all provide an entry point for those who don’t yet know this incredible truth about transformation!