IJM and Prayer: The Real Battle

International Justice Mission’s primary objective is “to secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.” Headed by Gary Haugen, author of “Good News About Injustice” and “Just Courage” (both books I’ve read and highly recommend), this is an organization on the frontlines of the “battle” to expand the kingdom through the release of those truly oppressed.

In other words, IJM is involved in some serious business.

However, I write this because after I wrote this post on prayer, I remember hearing Gary Haugen say at The Upper Room in Edina that each day, the staff at IJM prays together — as a staff — for an hour at lunch time and begins each day in quiet prayer for 30 minutes alone.

If anyone has URGENT things to accomplish, it is these guys at IJM.

And yet, they recognize that prayer is their most powerful weapon in their arsenal.

May we be reminded that God is God, and He has the power to transform lives. Founded by our prayers and the power of God, may we then form relationships and serve with the heart of God!!

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