The 4th of July

I feel mixed emotions about Independence Day.

On one hand, I’m extremely thankful to live in a country that values freedom, creativity, innovation. It is a powerful culture to live in. I can’t imagine having any freedom limited by a government or country.

On the other hand, I solely pledge allegiance to the Kingdom of God. I believe when we divide our allegiances, we divide our hearts. Less and less I want to stand during the Pledge to the Flag. Less and less I want to hold my hand over my heart as we salute our country.

Why? We can’t serve two kingdoms.

Anyways, I pledge allegiance today to the Kingdom of God. This kingdom, this dream of God’s purest reality, is a glorious kingdom filled with grace, mercy, compassion, love, forgiveness, peace, non-violence, patience, kindness, sacrifice, dying to self, loving enemies, understanding, equality, and everlasting joy. Jesus Christ is the King. There is no question about whom we pledge allegiance to. We hold our hands over our hearts in honor of the One who sent His Son to die the most undeserved death in history.

Today, it is an honor to be a part of a country that celebrates freedom, independence, creativity and innovation.

But even moreso, remind yourself it is an honor to be a part of God’s Kingdom that has the potential to become a continuing reality.

Also, read this. It sums up my thoughts perfectly!