God Always Comes Down & The Journey

To understand God, to understand Christianity, to understand Jesus, to understand grace, you need to understand one thing:

God came down in Jesus. Only by His grace, God always comes down to save us. God always comes down.

If you want to understand the next important part of being a Christian, of being a disciple of Jesus, of following God, you need to understand this:

Following Jesus, being a disciple of Christ, is a radical, adventurous journey. So many people hop off because it is too confusing, too treacherous, too difficult. They stop the journey because of a lack of desire to grow, to learn more, to know more, to go deeper. They stop the journey when they are misinformed about Jesus.

God always comes down. This is always on God’s shoulders.

And stay on the journey of following Jesus. This is usually on our shoulders.

Understand these two arrows and you understand what it means to be a Christian.

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