Return to Jesus

It is safe to say I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book via Booksneeze. When two of my favorite authors, Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, combine to write a book, my heart race goes up. In Jesus Manifesto, Sweet and Viola did not disappoint.

What is Christianity? It is Jesus Christ. Along the lines of ReJesus by Alan Hirsch, this is a proclamation – a manifesto – of the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

Far too often, the Church – Christianity in general – has steered away from the centrality of Christ and focused her attention on various other issues.

Sweet and Viola say no more. It is time to return to the Lordship, the Kingship, the Supremacy of Jesus Christ.

If you are a Christian, read this book for a “pump-up.” Trust me, it energizes.

If you are not a Christian and someone who is seeking to know what Christianity is all about, read this book.

Most everyone agrees Jesus Christ was a great man and teacher; however, people differ in their beliefs regarding his actual role on earth.

I highly recommend reading Jesus Manifesto. It is time to return to the basics.