Change Your Church For Good

Church practice books usually frustrate me.

Do this. Don’t do that. Worship like this. Welcome people not like that.

Then God will grow your church!

It usually all becomes so…human.

But Change Your Church For Good by Brad Powell wasn’t frustrating. It wasn’t about the three ways to grow your church.

Instead, it was a concise compilation of a growing number of concerns within dying Church of America, reasons why, and what anyone involved in a church can do about it.

Powell divides this book up into five major parts.

First, he rightly begins the book with a theological and practical definition of the Church and continues with how pastors and ministry leaders are to blame for the Church’s failures.

In part two, Powell lays the foundation for strong leaders beginning the “wave” and making changes to dying churches.

In part three, he continues by examining the vital importance of determining and communicating (and communicating and communicating) a thoughtful, well-conceived vision and strategy.

In part four, after the target has been painted, he underscores the value in accepting short-term losses long-term gains, among other advice for staying the course towards the God-ordained vision.

Finally, Powell concludes with a passionate plea to hold fast to the promise that the church is the HOPE of the WORLD.

When done right, the Church is the most beautiful organization and living, breathing organism on this side of heaven. Powell does a fantastic job of holding the attention of the reader with clear, cohesive writing.

The one downside was his sporadic use of Scripture. I felt at times he pieced snippets of Scripture into places he didn’t need to.

In conclusion, the world is in desperate need of healthier, more vibrant churches. The message doesn’t change, but will churches?

Read this book and be inspired to change your church for good.

(This was a review via Booksneeze. I don’t receive any money for reviewing this book either positively or negatively).

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