Wild At Heart ~ A Classic

I was given the opportunity to review the tenth anniversary edition of Wild At Heart by John Eldredge via BookSneeze.

In between the professionally covered pages, Eldredge writes a book for all-time in this instant classic.

It has long been noted that men are struggling to find an identity within the Christian church culture. Whether men find church too feminine (I Could Sing Of Your Love, Forever – and ever and ever and ever) or irrelevant (I wonder what the score of the NFL game is…Yawn), the truth is this: Christians haven’t done a great job influencing men to become men.

Instead of asking men to become men, we’ve asked them to become something they aren’t.

Eldredge calls all that to the forefront in Wild at Heart.

Men are created to live an adventure, to fight for a beauty, and to fight a battle. The Church rarely calls men to live out an adventure and fight battles within the church walls. Instead, leaders tend to feminize and soften the Christian message.

Frankly, Jesus was a wild man and one to be reckoned with. However, men aren’t receiving this message by and large.

Of course, this book isn’t without its’ problems. Taken out of context, much of what is written can appear to be a message of “find your own heart and achieve your dreams.” Much of the Biblical message reads otherwise – “Find God’s heart, replace it with your own, and seek God’s dreams for your life.”

However, the final verdict is this: Heed to written words of John Eldredge. Men need to hear them.

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