Fix Problems

Great organizations fix problems. They right wrongs. They correct mistakes.

Good organizations apologize. They send a card. They make up for a mistake halfway.

There is a big difference. BIG.

If I don’t like my drink at Starbucks, they take it back and re-make my drink — no questions asked. Great organizations want to be great, and they understand this is decided by the customer and how they respond to situations.

If you take an item up to Target and tell them this is what the item was listed for, they will ring it up for that price no questions asked. Great organizations trust the customer.

The difference between great and good is that good organizations will say: “Well, that costs us too much money.” Or “The customer is just trying to get something from us.” Or “That person is being stupid or silly.”

Great organizations, on the other hand, will put all those silly excuses aside because they know those are the exception. They believe in the good nature of the customer. They understand that although there will always be a small percentage of customers who will never appreciate what they are doing for them and only taking advantage of “THE MAN,” 99% of the time acting as a great organization will only great more loyal customers.

Why do I shop at Trader Joe’s? Because the way we are treated.

Why do I go to Starbucks and not Caribou here in Vegas? Time and time again the workers are significantly better (and even know my name!) at Starbucks than Caribou.

Why Target? Because nearly 100% of the time they correct mistakes completely. They fix problems – completely.

I currently find myself in a situation where an organization I am dealing with has made a really big mistake.

The question is: How are they going to respond? In my mind, it is simple. There are two or three ways to respond as a great organization. There are several ways to respond as a good organization. And of course, there are many ways to respond as a crappy organization.

Now the question is: How does this relate to churches?¬†How do churches become great at fixing problems? Are they correcting wrongs halfway? When they mess up, are they only sending cards to apologize? Or are they truly correcting wrongs and righting the ship? Are they great at trusting the “customer” and going out of our way to re-make “drinks” for people?

Obviously, churches aren’t looking to create consumers. But isn’t there a way to create customer loyalty by serving them the best we have to offer, all the while pointing to God through Jesus Christ?

Churches MUST be great organizations. We must be EXCEPTIONAL at fixing problems, correcting wrongs, righting mistakes. Why? Because we are representing a God who has corrected the biggest mistake of all-time through what Jesus accomplished on the cross and through his resurrection.