Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

John Maxwell does it again. This time, it’s Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

Leadership guru John Maxwell has offered countless numbers of books, messages, and resources over the years. Frankly, I never get tired of him.

In this latest installment of Maxwell wisdom, he focuses intently on how one communicates in order to connect effectively. Let’s face it. We’ve all been a part of situations where communication breaks down and chaos, disorder, or hurt feelings ensue. How often are we faced with situations where the message is not effectively communicated and people are left battered, confused, or worse?

Time and time again, Maxwell notes the simple and practical ways to communicate on a level that connects with people. It’s not just about speaking. It not just about words. It’s not just about what you say. It’s deeper. It’s how you say it. It’s how you stand. It’s how you get to know your audience before hand. As he notes, audiences believe 7% because of what you say, 38% because the way we say it, and 55% because of what they actually see. Further, people remember 85-90% of what they see, and only 15% of what they hear.

In Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, I can tell you that I am motivated to become a more effective communicator. In today’s world, where messages and information are at the tips of our fingers, to be an effective leader, you must be an effective communicator. I highly recommend this book.

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