Resurrection Resolutions

The following quotes are the foundation upon which I am going to pursue the near future. Like New Year’s resolutions, these are my Resurrection Resolutions. These are some quotes to motivate me toward stronger leadership; better church formation, experience, and practice; and deeper, more solid, and more scriptural theology.

The Church:

“Rightly conceived, the church is a local group of people who have been immersed and saturated with a magnificent vision of Jesus Christ and who are discovering how to take Him as their All together and bring Him to the world.” – Frank Viola


“A Christian leader is a humble, god-dependent, team-playing, servant of God who is called by God to shepherd, develop, equip, and empower a specific group of believers to accomplish an agreed-upon vision from God.” – Dave Kraft


“Religious experience needs good theology the way a traveler needs a reliable map.” – Clark Pinnock

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