Sun Setting, or Facing the Dark Night

Every so often, I go through a lull, best described as a period of exhaustion, a lack of motivation, and an inability to output and a rougher time with input.

The sun sets and the dark night looms.

I’m a morning person. I’m energized by 4:30 AMs complete with quiet study, thorough reading, conversations with Jesus and a cup of coffee.

At night, I slowly fade as 6:00 pm turns into 7:00 and 8:00 PM usually turns into bed time.

It’s a feeling of exhaustion, of mind confusion and dreariness. I reach a point where I functionally can’t function any longer.

Comparatively, I occasionally enter into a longer period — whether morning, day, or night — of feelings such as these.

Well, I’m in one.

I don’t always know why. I can’t always give a reason (I’ve learned to not always search for one).

I know, as I process the rhythms of life, my body, my mind, my motivation, and thus, my heart, will endure periods of the setting sun.

For instance, in the last week, I’ve picked up several books that I started to read and they just haven’t captured me. The message seems dry. The writing seems repetitive. The information seems overwhelming. Blah. Boring. Numbing.

I know I’ll come out of it. I know my desire for input will grow exponentionally and my output will increase accordingly.

Maybe I’m growing up or maybe God is teaching me some things (I’d say both). But I do trust that God will pull me through the setting sun. As sure as night turns to day, God will use this period of the setting sun to become something greater, something more God-like, something more in line with what He has planned for me.

In the meantime, it’s time for a nap.