A Wild and Dangerous Read ~ Live UNTAMED Lives

It’s dangerous to label a person as a prophet with all the baggage this word comes with.

However, I completely agree with the several well-respected endorsements of Christian authors/thinkers who call Alan Hirsch, and his wife Debra, prophets of our time.

Untamed, Alan Hirsch’s (along with his wife Debra) latest book, is a prophetic call to a wild, dangerous, and missional lifestyle modeled after the radical Jesus. It is a much-needed voice calling Jesus’ bride, the Church, back to its original intention: To make radical disciples of Jesus.

In other words, “it’s time to get serious about discipleship.”

Few people have influenced my life more than Alan Hirsch. His previous books, ReJesus, The Forgotten Ways, and The Shaping of Things to Come, have all been extremely influential in calling people (especially me) back to a more wild, missional, generous, and challenging form of Christianity — all centered and focused on the person, life, death, and resurrection of the God-man, Jesus Christ.

Hirsch writes (and speaks and lives) with a unique voice. It is all about the radical, the dangerous, the wild, the uncomfortable, the challenge, the missional. He doesn’t write liberally or conservatively. He doesn’t possess an emerging or a Calvinist or a Reformed or a liberal or even a MISSIONAL (a huge buzz-word right now) agenda. He addresses tough issues compassionately and fairly. He doesn’t attempt to fit his agenda into God, Jesus, or Scripture.

Hirsch has one agenda: Jesus Christ.

His secondary agenda? To get people back to centering their lives NOT around Church, Protestantism, Liberalism, Emergent-ism, or anything else OTHER than JESUS CHRIST.

Consider some of the following quotes from Untamed:

“God’s love is all-embracing & requires an all-exclusive relationship – he simply will not share us with other gods.”
“Worship is…a dangerous act, because to truly encounter the Holy in the act of worship IS TO CHANGE.”
“Every single aspect of the way we live our lives needs to be realigned around the person of Jesus and His lordship.”
“You simply cannot be a disciple without being a missionary – a sent one.”
“We are meant to live wild and dangerous lives, flying above the heads of our generation, calling them to the authenticity of what they were created to do.”

In Untamed, Hirsch addresses the many ways Christians have abused and misunderstood the Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He focuses on ways we’ve misunderstood or failed to influence Culture, the Church, and the “Family.” In the final chapters, he lets Jesus have the last word on The Self and Sexuality, and how this compels us to be missionaries.

In conclusion, I highly recommend reading anything by Hirsch. Although I don’t know him personally, I do know that he is a prophetic and much-needed voice for the Christian church. Any of his works, including now Untamed, are necessary and highly impacting reads for anyone longing to see Christianity return to its original intention: to be fully-made, radical disciples of Jesus. And now, adding his wife’s voice Debra to this work, has given another adrenaline shot to his writing. My wife and I have been influenced by the way they live their lives (which again, we only know through hearing them speak and reading their books).

If you are attempting to figure out who this Jesus guy is all about, read Untamed.
If you are tired of boring and predictable Christianity, this book is for you.
If you are wondering how to move a community of people from passive consumers to fully-made disciples of Jesus, read this book.
If you are longing for a voice to a more passionate form of following Jesus Christ, read Untamed.
If you are afraid you’ve sold-out to a more domesticated version of Christianity, read this BOOK!

“The true Jesus is not safe and sterile, conflicted by a mission and a passive kindness — He never carried the party line.” (Neil Cole)

The Hirsches conclude: “His was a wild holiness that calls to account all who refuse to deal with God, preferring instead to follow the lame dictates of a religion of ethical codes and pious rituals.”

Return to JESUS!

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