Call Down Fire


There is this story in the bible where Elijah challenges the 450 prophets of Baal to prove whose God is bigger, badder, and better.

In the story, as the Baal prophets fail to call down fire from their god, Elijah takes his turn.

He prepares the altar of wood. Just to prove a point, he even dumps buckets of water all over the wood altar.

As Elijah calls on Yahweh to display his power, immediately, the fire of the Lord flashed down from heaven and burned up everything on the altar.

Our God is a God of mighty fire and power. He is the only God capable of supernatural activity and miraculous events. He is the God who we can call upon to rain down fire.

We should approach God humbly, but with exceeding confidence in his strength.

Do you think God can send down fire today?

Do you believe that God is capable of displaying his mighty strength for Haiti?

I do.

To call down fire, I believe, is to call upon the mighty strength of God. It means standing in the gap for the broken and suffering.

Consider standing in the gap for these Haitians today. Call down fire in Jesus’ name.

Consider what it takes to call down fire in the name of those who suffer greatly.

Consider what it means, right now, to worship and pray for this country who had nothing and now has less than nothing.

Call upon the name of the lord and be saved.

Lord, Chains be broken. Lives be healed.

Christ, reveal yourself to us and to Haiti.

* This is a reading adapted from It’s a LOVE HAITI thing on Saturday, February 13th.