Who is my neighbor?

In words of the great Lutheran Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “We have literally no time to sit down and ask ourselves whether so-and-so is our neighbor or not. We must get into action and obey – we must behave like a neighbor to him. But perhaps this shocks you. Perhaps you think you ought to think out beforehand and know what you ought to do. To that there is only one answer. You can only know and think about it by actually doing it…It is no use asking questions for it is only through obedience that you come to learn the truth.”

In Jesus, the service and love of God and the service and love of our brothers is one.

To love God is to love others. To love others is to love God.

There is only one way forward as people who love God, and that is to love these Haitians as much as humanly possible.

Don’t ask why.

Don’t think too long about what you are going to do.

Don’t consider all the options before moving forward or consider who your neighbor is.

You want a piece of advice?

Move forward, in Jesus’ name, in love for Haiti.

Respond in radical sacrifice, radical prayer, radical worship, radical donation, and radical obedience.

One day, Jesus says, we will face our Creator and He will say, “Whatever you did to the least of these who did for me.” Haiti is the least of these.

If someone were to ask you if you are a Christ-follower, can you tell them to just look at the trail of crumbs on your blazed trail?

This isn’t legalistic advice. We can’t earn anything by being sacrificial.

It’s just our role, our call.

See, God tells human beings that we are his PLAN A in life. We are given dominion over this earth. There is no PLAN B.

It is up to you and I to respond in love and partner with God to bring hope and healing to Haiti.

“I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned. In awe of the one who gave it all. I’ll stand my soul Lord to you surrendered. All I am is yours.”

All I am is yours…

If all you are is God’s, then let God use you to love your neighbor, Haiti, as much as possible.

Please consider responding by donating financially to World Vision, gently-used or new shoes to Soles4Souls, or purchasing a T-Shirt.

Just a FRACTION of shoes collected

** Adapted from a reading at It’s a LOVE HAITI thing on Saturday, February 13th.

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