To Grow In Grace

Most Christians generally assume grace is one large, static payment you pull from to cover our spiritual death and sin.

Honestly, I generally think of grace this way. I’m a sinner. God hands me this unchanging payment of grace. I’m moved by this grace, repent, confess, and believe in Jesus.

And that’s it.

However, the phrase to “grow in grace” recently struck me. I would venture to assume most Christians don’t think of grace as something you can grow into.

I certainly didn’t.

Dallas Willard writes: “When we understand that grace (charis) is gift (charisma), we then see that to grow in grace is to grow in what is given to us of God and by God.”

All too often, we witness Christians largely unaffected by the cross and by the Gospel. As mentioned in several other posts, Christians are by and large vastly similar in action and life to not-yet Christians. The Gospel ~ The CROSS ~ has to mean so much more than one big grace payment that leaves us generally unchanged.

Instead, like me, let’s understand grace as something you can grow in.


“The disciplines are then, in the clearest sense, a means to that grace and also to those gifts.”

“A discipline for the spiritual life is…nothing but an activity undertaken to bring us into more effective cooperation with Christ and his Kingdom.”

Protestantism developed in a negative reaction to works-based righteousness. Thus, since the Reformation, most mainline Protestant churches still possess an “allergy” to any talk of growth, discipline, or even discipleship.

Today, picture the end of your life (or heck, even five years from now). We’ve been given the incredible gift of grace. Are you going to hide it and let it remain stagnant? Or are you going to train yourself, discipline yourself to grow in grace?

It’s God’s gift to you. What are you going to do to grow it?

2 thoughts on “To Grow In Grace

  1. Teasing out the fuller meaning of ‘grace’ is crucial for sanctification. Otherwise, we end up with ‘cheap grace’ (as Bonhoeffer called it) as you mentioned in the beginning of your post (where we think of grace like a cheap blanket).

    A sermon that goes deep into the depth and breadth of ‘grace’:

    Continue your search into the riches of his grace.

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