I love Christmas

I love Christmas.

The lights. The cold weather. The decorations. The music. The celebrations and the cookies my wife makes!

And yes, even the gifts! I love the gifts! In some ways, I even feel like a little kid. I ask Emily ~ Can we open our gifts today? (For the last 7 days I’ve asked, and she says no!).

This is all because of Jesus’ birth! How cool is that?!

Christians tend to hate on Christmas. It’s commonplace to complain about the consumerism and the materialism and the focus (or lack thereof). I get that. Trust me. I get sick to my stomach when I hear how much Americans spend on Christmas.

But I still love it.

Emily and I combat the “negative” aspects of Christmas by increasing our giving during this time. Furthermore, on Christmas morning, we each choose a charity to donate to and send money their way right after reading the Christmas story and right before opening gifts. It’s a way to remind ourselves that Christmas isn’t all about what WE can receive.

But when it comes to gifts, I just love giving them and I love receiving them (as long as they are cheap for me!). Of course, one should never overspend or buy overly unnecessary junk, but come on people, let’s just enjoy the celebration and not be overly critical of this awesome time!

This celebration is all for JESUS!

Do you agree?

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