Heinz Ketchup and God: Some Food for Thought

In an age where relativism and pluralism is becoming a popular trend, John Sharpe, a friend and co-blog writer of At The Garage, addresses this subject through Heinz ketchup. Find more out about him here.

Why does Heinz ketchup still rule the roost? Next time you’re at Walmart, study the condiment section. Heinz remains the king of ketchup. It has not altered its secret formula since its inception over a century ago. Now look at the Mustard section. Whoa. Excuse me, what else is there besides Grey Poupon? Take your pick — you have at least 10 or 15 choices. Ok, wait a minute, why is it that Heinz has so cornered the ketchup universe? Why does it continue to capture the hearts of truck drivers, crying babies, and everything in between?

Malcolm Gladwell is getting to an interesting point when he writes about this subject in What the Dog Saw. Malcolm relishes the art of conventional versus unconventional interpretations of life — from why the Dog Whisperer understands dogs but couldn’t understand his wife to counter-cyclical hedge fund investing on Wall Street as it relates to child development trauma. Why would anyone care about these kinds of questions? Simple. They often provide countless lessons and insights into how the world really operates. They shed understanding of the elements of life which are rarely mentioned yet are so influential in our lives.

So why is Heinz the king of ketchup? It rules simply because it remains one of the very few condiments, let alone foods, to stimulate all five sensations in our palate — bitterness, saltiness, sourness, sweetness and savoriness — in a single serving. That is why the annals of history show numerous tried-and-failed attempts by competitors to conquer the Heinz ketchup brand. As far as the public is concerned, it can‚t be done. It’s impossible. People just keep coming back to the Heinz ketchup.

There is an interesting parallel between Heinz ketchup and God. Now, God is no condiment nor food nor anything else someone can use to satisfy their carnal tastebuds. God created Heinz ketchup. In our physical world, Heinz ketchup refuses to go away because it is truly a distinguished food. It is wholly distinct from its competitors. Likewise, God’s son, Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), is the ultimate God. He is the one true God in this universe. He is wholly distinct from his competitors. And He will never go away.

Three years of His ministry revolutionized not only the world but the very interaction between God and man forever. Despite the plethora of semi-Gods or idols in our world, which come in all shapes and sizes, nothing will ever touch us, challenge us, transform us, or revolutionize like Jesus, the doorway to the God of Israel. Jesus brings true fullness of joy. No other thing, past or present or future, not even Heinz ketchup, will ever reach the fullness of God. No God will ever touch the fullness of our soul nor the so-called “tastebuds” of our heart like the Son of David.

Just some food for thought. With some ketchup in it.

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